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What is

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We are a young IT company of geeky specialists, ready to offer software development that you will definitely like. Our main experience is tuning and improving Siebel CRM
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We offer high-quality turnkey development services with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

SPA user interface
Single-page application loads and works much faster than standard interfaces, providing satisfying user experiences with minimal effort.

Getting MSA-ready
Microservices architecture (MSA) can be integrated with Siebel software to allow for decentralization of the monolithic architecture, thereby increasing resiliency and helping to maintain availability during upgrades.

Build DevOps culture
Thanks to our experience with DevOps pipelines, we can automate the development process to reduce time to market and human errors and improve the overall quality of users' experiences.

WebSocket compatibility
Our WebSocket-based solutions allow us to extend our integration functionality to reduce the load on application servers. Among the main features of our approach are monitoring of asynchronous requests during a user's session and the option to create widgets and chats for interactions in subscription mode.

Implement development process optimization
We also leverage our experience to optimize our software implementation processes by identifying changes that can reduce development costs.
Database Housekeeping
We are ready to explore all the problem areas of your data storage complex and find a solution to optimize and performance tuning so that the application becomes faster and breathes deeply
Getting Microfrontend-ready
We were the first on the market to learn how to apply an approach with the development of an interface on micro-frontends in Siebel based on our solution using the webpack Module Federation
Context Global search
To make it convenient and pleasant for your users to navigate the data, we are ready to implement contextual search with caching and individual settings. Imagine, this can be implemented in Siebel
Autonomous project implementation
We assess your needs to come up with cutting-edge automated solutions at the lowest possible cost. We operate as a well-coordinated team without having to rely on any larger organization.
Opensource injection
We have a clear understanding of how to exploit the best features of the open-source solutions to deliver you savings on hardware and operational costs. Fast single-page application is available on React.js/Vue.js by saving the existing Siebel platform.
Quick and efficient results
Because we value our clients' time, we use pre-debugged approaches and deliver rapid results.
How do we work?
Requirements and
Limitations gathering
First of all, we collect all the knowledge of your system and your expectations
Prototyping and
then we develop and implement our ideas previously agreed with you
Prepare development scenarios
Documenting and testing
Development and automating
then we work through the framework and think over the use of the most suitable libraries
in parallel, we are preparing automation tools for testing, assembly and deployment
throughout the entire stage, we carefully test the developed functionality and prepare documentation
Result acceptance
New round?
when ready, we hold a session of acceptance of the developed functionality and collect feedback to improve the product
after implementation, the operational phase begins, where we maintain our product and stay in touch with compliance with the established SLA
and we are always ready for further development of the product at your request at any time
That's all?
We are ready not only to develop a software product, but also to implement its containerization and continuous delivery, so that in the future you can easily maintain and develop it with the least time2market
what should we do with these innovations
Our Clients
If you are interested in becoming a client partner, please feel free to contact us.
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You can see an example of our work on real-time Siebel application.